Try This! Weird Food Combinations

Some things just go together: peanut butter and chocolate, spaghetti and meatballs, gin and tonic.  Other combinations, however, are not so obvious.  When you’re feeling daring, FoodHigh rounded up some strange sounding (and perhaps delicious) food pairings to try.  In the comments, tell us what you think and list any offbeat creations you’ve discovered!

Nutella + French Fries









Sliced Green Apples + Salt












Frito Scoops + Cottage Cheese



Peanut Butter + Mayo + Ketchup Sandwiches









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Hidden Gem… Cherry Creek Grill’s French Dip

Cherry Creek Grill Famous French Dip Sandwich

By Michele Brown

I realize the Cherry Creek Grill is not very hidden.  It has been in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood for at least 20 years, for as long as we have lived in Denver.  However, the French Dip served at the Cherry Creek Grill is the true hidden gem.

It is appropriately named the “Famous French Dip Au Jus”.  It is piled high with perfectly cooked house roasted medium rare prime rib, and served on toasted French bread.  The Au Jus is perfectly seasoned.  I have been known to drink it like an after dinner cocktail.

The best part about the “Famous French Dip” is that it is not complicated.  It is a simple sandwich that melts in your mouth.  They don’t over think it and they don’t have too.

Bon Apetit did a wonderful right up on the Hillstone Restaurant Group (parent company of Cherry Creek Grill).  They featured the French dip sandwich.  David Chang of Momofuku stated this in the article: “French Dip.  That’s all anyone needs to know.  It haunts me”.  David Chang I whole heartedly agree.  It is truly that good.

I suggest walking into Cherry Creek Grill, take a seat at the bar, order a cocktail and the Famous French Dip, I assure you it won’t disappoint.

Rebel Restaurant and Anvil Wine Present Basic B@#%h Brunch

Rebel Restaurant and Anvil Wine Present Basic B@#%h Brunch

Bring your selfie stick and big hat to Rebel on June 25th as we celebrate our first annual Basic B@#%h Brunch. Pairing with Anvil Wine Company (famously known for being the purveyors of the 40 oz Rose) we will be pouring Rose all day, every way….Rose cocktails, Rose wine-coolers, Rose slushees, Rose popsicles and even Rose all by itself, while roasting a whole pig w/ French inspired brunch sides. For one day only Rebel Restaurant will transform itself into a haven for anyone who’s litmus test turns blue, as we bring Paris to Denver, with macaroon towers, chocolate fountains, fashion model photo booths and mimes, accompanied by a whole slow roasted Berkshire pig and world class Rose wine. So skip that real housewives marathon, put down your pumpkin spiced whatever and join us for a utterly unique summer event featuring the two things every basic b@#%h knows best…..Rose and Brunch. 

We encourage dressing up, and embracing your inner diva…whether you are male of female. Bottles of wine awarded to best dressed

Location: Rebel Restaurant (3763 Wynkoop Street Denver, Co 80216)

Buy Tickets: $40 (early bird tickets); $50 (regular price) includes open bar & all you can eat brunch

Sponsor: Anvil Wine & Spirits

Date: June 25th, 2017

Time: 1-7pm

Rebel Restaurant – Chefs Dan Lasiy & Bo Porytko

It is a well-known fact that we love Rebel.  It is absolutely one of our favorite places to eat in Denver.  As you can imagine when Dan and Bo, the creators and owners, agreed to sit down with us one Saturday morning we were thrilled.

Rebel is located just north of downtown Denver in the River North Art District (RiNo), on the corner of 37th and Wynkoop, in what used to be a biker bar.  They turn out sophisticated eclectic small plates that change on a regular basis. They never cease to amaze us with their creativity and fresh ingredients.

Let’s start with where you’re from and what brought you to Denver?
Dan: We’re from Whippany, NJ, a half hour West New York City.  I was living in New York and needed a change of lifestyle.  I left while I was working in the TV and movie industry, it was turning me into someone I did not want to be.  The crowning moment was when I almost got into a fist fight with someone on the streets of Manhattan over garbage.  It was ridiculous.  I realized it was not a lifestyle I wanted to continue leading.  Denver had always been on my radar.  I love to snowboard and be outdoors; it is somewhere I’ve always wanted to live.

How did you and Bo create this partnership?
I’ve known Bo since Pre-K.  We’re both second-generation Ukrainian. Our parents are friends and I guess you can say the rest is history.  

You created a Kickstarter campaign with a lot of success.  Tell us about that.
This was not the initial concept.  The initial concept was a little kitchen inside of Black Shirt Brewing.  In the short time we accomplished our Kickstarter goal, Black Shirt grew so much they didn’t have the space for us. We had the money that people had given us, so what do we do? We decided to keep going.  It took a year and a half to find a space, and to figure out how to make it all fit together.

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Fooducopia Announces New Small Plate Summer Dinner Menu!

Organic restaurant, Fooducopia, celebrates the return of summer with its new small plates menu!  Ranging from $4-$15, small plates are a great way to sample the variety of dishes expertly crafted  by Fooducopia’s Executive Chef, Richard Glover.

Click here to see a full menu.  Cheers!

The Best of — Philly Cheesesteak

Famous Philly Cheese Steak & Beer Garden

By Michele Brown

We live in the Park Hill neighborhood and try to frequent our local restaurants as much as possible.  Frequenting Famous Philly Cheese Steak & Beer Garden is so easy.  I can confidently state that it is the best Philly CheeseSteak in Denver.  The owner Jim Jackman has been in the neighborhood for 11 years and we are so happy he is.  

I realize that there is a decades long battle for the best Philly CheeseSteak in the “city of brotherly love”.  Some say Geno’s others say Pat’s, I’ve tried them both and they are good.  However, if you can’t hop a plane to Philadelphia get yourself over to 2200 Oneida St., your tastebuds won’t be disappointed.

This is not a fancy place with lots of swanky decor, they put everything they have in making a great cheesesteak.   Continue reading “The Best of — Philly Cheesesteak”

Dining Out With Kids in Denver

By Angie Lund

Eating out with kids is a breeze.  I love the ease at which they quietly sit, neatly eat the meal ordered for them, use proper table manners and utensils, and patiently wait until everyone has finished eating.  Oh wait, those are the French kids in that one parenting book I read, not mine.  My two and four year olds can make for some precarious dining situations.  Here are FoodHigh’s go-to kid friendly spots for young children.  Criteria being: we won’t get too many side eyes for misbehavior and most importantly, we enjoy eating there too.  Please let me know what others to try!

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Hidden Gem…Carbon Knife Co.

By Angie Lund

Good friends of ours hosted a dinner party several months ago and we’ve been coveting the beautiful Japanese knife spotted on their cutting board ever since.  A week before my husband’s birthday, through the magic that is social media, I saw an Instagram post from Carbon Knife Co.  Yes!  What better gift than something I’d really enjoy as well?

Carbon Knife Co. is located in the cutting edge (cue eye roll) RiNo neighborhood.  This modern specialty kitchen supply store is owned by two experienced local chefs, Tina Chon and Craig Field.  Tina and Craig saw the need to provide the exploding Denver food community with quality products they believe in and would use themselves.

Walking in, I knew this shop would have exactly what I was looking for. Craig was quick to help me sort through the collection knives to meet the functional needs of a home cook and of course, to look really pretty.  The only down side of discovering Carbon Knife Co.?  My wish list has grown considerably.

Carbon Knife Co.
3264 Larimer St.
Denver, 80205

Mon-Thurs  10a-7p
Fri-Sat  10a-8p

Chef Alex Figura – Dio Mio Handmade Pasta in Denver’s RiNo Neighborhood

Dio Mio (dee-OH mee-OH) is the creation of chefs Alex Figura & Spencer White.  The self-proclaimed artisanal spaghetti monsters created an eatery rooted in Italian culture enjoyed in a relaxed, approachable and fun space. With their consistently rotating menu, you can always look forward to trying a new dish.  Chef Alex Figura was kind enough to share his insight on owning a restaurant and dining in Denver.

Dio Mio Logo

Do you have a food philosophy at Dio Mio?
We prefer to keep it simple & genuine.  We source high quality ingredients and prepare & season them correctly without over manipulation.

Chef Alex Figura
Chef Alex Figura

Aside from a knife, what piece of cooking equipment do you use the most?
At Dio Mio we use the vita-mix most, at home the mortar & pestle.

Do you have any chef mentors?
I can not say mentor but someone whom taught me a lot as person & chef. Brian Lockwood, he is now the executive sous chef at Eleven Madison Park.

What do you like to do outside the kitchen?
I love to bike, hang out with my 2 dogs and eat anything and everything.

Garlic Cloves Close Up

Most undervalued ingredient?
Garlic. Depending on how you cut and cook it you can release so many flavors. A mince can provide strong flavor. Roasted provides umami/nutty/caramel notes.  Sliced and sweated in butter can soften it and help round out dishes. Whole cloves provide background notes that can help tie all the ingredients together. Continue reading “Chef Alex Figura – Dio Mio Handmade Pasta in Denver’s RiNo Neighborhood”

The Flourishing Denver Coffee Scene

By Angie Lund

Last July our family visited Portland, Oregon.  Arguably one of the best coffee towns in America.  Can you guess where we stopped first? 

Stumptown Coffee Roasters takes coffee and coffee roasting seriously.  Let me tell you, they are killing it.  Quality coffee is most important to Founder Duane Sorenson, who personally spends time visiting farms and is willing to pay high prices for coffee he deems worthy.  The bearded baristas crafted a cappuccino I wholly enjoyed.

Like Portland, coffee is no stranger to Denver’s thriving craft beer and culinary scenes.  With the convergence of outstanding roasters and talented baristas, Denver is making its mark on the coffee map. Amidst the ever-expanding list of local roasters, you should not settle for just anywhere.  I am currently sitting at Pablo’s Coffee Shop at 6th & Washington.  Although I like to switch up where to get caffeinated, Pablo’s is my go to spot for not only an enjoyable cappuccino, but for the all around good vibes.

Listed in no particular order are the five most visited coffee shops by FoodHigh.  Where do you go to enjoy a well crafted cup?  What others should we try? 

Huckleberry Roasters
Mark Mann and Kian Goedman founded Huckleberry in 2011. Huckleberry is truly excited about introducing coffee to people on all areas of the coffee spectrum.  Creating flavor complexities is their passion and it  shows up in each cup.  

-Black Eye Coffee 
Enjoy a cup of coffee in a space that is made for Instagram.  Black Eye features coffee from single origin roasters around the world.  Do not even bother resisting the pastry selection; it really is that good.  If you enjoy starting your day at Black Eye Coffee you can end your night at its alter-ego cocktail bar, White Lies.  I call that a win-win.  

-Steam Espresso Bar 
This lovely shop was opened by twin brothers Hani and Zahi Yaafouri in 2013. Steam is an independent shop taking pride on using sustainable brewing techniques and only beans that are ethically sourced from micro-roasters.  Steam’s mission is to create an excellent customer experience while embracing environmental responsibility.  

Opened in 2012, Crema was at the cusp of the burgeoning RiNo neighborhood.  This inviting spot pledges to deliver a well-crafted espresso shot and sources beans from both local and out-of-state roasters.  Also, do not overlook the seriously delicious food menu.  

-Pablo’s Coffee
Pablo’s is one of the first Denver coffee roasters!  In 1995, founder Craig Conner quit his corporate job, followed his passion and opened Pablo’s Coffee. Pablo’s sources green coffee from all around the world and roasts it by hand in small batches.  The exceptional cappuccino is a good reason to walk into Pablo’s, but the friendly neighborhood vibe is reason enough to stay for two.