About Michele

Photo by Joel Fischer

I’m a transplant to Denver from the central plains of Kansas.  I spent most summers on my grandparents ranch, where the farm to table trend was a way of life.  My parents thought it was very important for my brother and I to know where our food came from.  At a young age we were taught to milk cows, gather eggs, butcher a chicken and make most things from scratch in my grandma’s kitchen.   

This upbringing has fueled my joy of good food and restaurants.  I love that Denver has such a growing food scene.  It is thrilling to watch it grow and expand into what we have today.  Because of my passion for good food I want to dig deep into what this city has to offer and share those findings with you.

I’m not alone on my quest to find the next great meal.  My husband Jaime is just as into it as I am.  Lucky for me he enjoys cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.   We have two teenagers that have very sophisticated (and expensive) palates–they really don’t have a choice.  Max 14, knows all things about tea and Samantha 11 is a baking enthusiast.  It is exciting to watch them appreciate the food culture around them.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy doing it!  Please let us know what you think and how we can make it better.

(Photo by Joel Fischer)