The Best of — Milk Shakes

By Michele Brown

In our house March Madness means Milk Shakes, that’s right Milk Shakes.  Every March our family fills out our basketball bracket and we take it very seriously.  Not only does the winner of the bracket get bragging rights, they also get to pick out where the family will go to indulge in a celebratory milk shake.  The past four years our 12-year-old daughter Sam has won the bracket, and with that she is the proud recipient of the milk shake trophy.

We have tried many places in our milk shake search.   Last March we visited    D Bar for the cold concoctions they had on their menu.  We sampled the classic strawberry, which had just the right amount of strawberry to ice cream ratio, sprinkled with crunchy chocolate pearls, a fun and delicious addition.   We also went with the peanut butter shake.  This had a creamy blend of peanut butter; not too thick, not too thin, topped off with whipped cream and crushed peanuts.

Another favorite is Tag Burger Bar.  I love that they serve their shakes in a Mason Jar; it’s the little things that make me happy.  Tag writes up their weekly flavors on the board behind the bar, and if you ask real nice they will split the shakes up amongst everyone—like a “shake flight” for each person.  My personal favorite would have to be their Oreo Shake; it’s so difficult to share.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar not only knows how to make a superb burger; their shakes are pretty unbelievable as well.  They are so thick that you must use a spoon to enjoy them, no complaints here.  Their flavor combinations are delectable: Nutella with Chocolate Pretzel, Red Velvet Cake and a family favorite Carmel & Sea Salt.

Where will we enjoy Sam’s March Madness trophy this year?  Well, because she doesn’t have a driver’s license and her father and I have the cash we are going to visit Sassafras American Eatery.  Their flavors are insane!  Spiced Chicory Coffee, Banana Cream Pie, Elvis is King, Chocolate Dipped Bacon and the list goes on.  Sassafras, you had Sam at Chocolate Dipped Bacon.

Where is your favorite milkshake?


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