Dining Out With Kids in Denver

Eating out with kids is a breeze.  I love the ease at which they quietly sit, neatly eat the meal ordered for them, use proper table manners and utensils, and patiently wait until everyone has finished eating.  Oh wait, those are the French kids in that one parenting book I read, not mine.  Here are FoodHigh’s go-to kid friendly spots for young children.  Criteria being: we won’t get too many side eyes for misbehavior and most importantly, we enjoy eating there too.  Please let me know what others to try!


-Fire On The Mountain:  Craft beer, wings, and tater tots that border on addictive.  Served up in a fun and casual atmosphere.  I also appreciate they serve hormone, antibiotic, cage-free chicken, and are a certified green restaurant.

-Crafty Fox Taphouse:  60 tap beers and a diverse food menu in a large space with toys and games for kids to enjoy.

-Hops & Pie:  Artisan pizza with unusual toppings and rotating craft brews.  A lively and cozy spot that charms hipsters and kids alike.

-Local 46 Biergarten:  Local 46 is a gem with kiddos in the summer.  A great  outdoor area with space to wander, patio games, and a small but kid friendly  menu.


-My Brother’s Bar:  The oldest bar in Denver is known for their great burgers, but did you know they also hand out balloons and sell Girl Scout cookies?  And something about a bartender pouring milk into a plastic kid cup makes me smile. 

-Wazee Supper Club:  This Denver staple is a place for everyone to enjoy.  A solid menu with various food and beer options served up in a fun LoDo location.  You and your kids will have fun here.

-Wynkoop Brewing:  Colorado’s first brewpub is welcoming to families so parents can be relaxed while sipping on their Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout.  That gorilla near the entrance is enough to keep any kid’s attention.

Capitol Hill

-DJ’s Cafe:  First, that crab cake benedict is worth going even if it isn’t kid friendly.  Luckily, between the crayons and mounds of whipped cream on the hot chocolate your kiddos will be occupied while you sip your bloody. 

-White Fence Farm:  What is not to love about White Fence Farm and its multiple outposts?  Delicious fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn fritters served by the friendliest people ever.  If you travel to the Lakewood location you’re in for a petting zoo, swing set, and live music! 

City Park

-Vine Street Pub:  I think this is the first ever kid friendly list Vine Street Pub has made it on to.  Okay, we all love the beer, food, and (kid friendly) vibe that is Vine Street Pub.  Lot’s of love for you!


-Lucile’s Creole Cafe:  This cozy Cajun breakfast spot will be too busy to worry about what your kiddos are up to.  The food is beyond and the servers are always welcoming to families.  Arriving early may be worth bypassing what can be a long wait. 


-Post Chicken & Beer:  This upbeat and casual spot serves up gluten-free fried chicken and comfort food your kiddos will love.  I also enjoyed the cocktail menu while my kids ate their weight in fries. 

Cherry Creek

-Cherry Cricket:  Rejoice!  The Cricket is back!  The burgers, well, we all know how good the burgers are.  The unpretentious atmosphere makes this iconic spot perfect for families.

-Second Home Pajama Brunch:  You guys, this isn’t too good to be true.  It exits on Sundays at Second Home inside the JW Marriott.  Keep the kiddos in their pajamas and bring them to Second Home where there is a room with sleeping bags, copious snacks, movies, books, and toys all manned by a sitter.  Meanwhile, you enjoy a make-your-own-bloody or morning cocktail.  Oh yeah, kids eat free and parents eat uninterrupted. 

Wash Park

-Max Gill & Grill:  Surf n’ Turf in a casual setting offering daily deals.  Sunday night kiddos eat free and are kept occupied by a magician.  Win win!

Park Hill

-The Abbey Tavern:  A relaxed gastropub with excellent food and owned by actual Irishman!  The owners and staff could not be more friendly.  There is not anything particularly kid centric about the Abbey, but I always enjoy bringing my family.  The bribe of a trip to Nuggs Ice Cream next door often times proves itself effective.

-Spinelli’s Bakery & Cafe:  The Spinelli family, who has loyally served customers since 1994  at Spinelli’s Market, has opened Spinelli’s Bakery & Cafe.  This darling spot that beautifully mixes ice cream shop, bakery, and cafe is a fun place to take kids.  The playground across the street is just a bonus.

-Station 26:  Located in a renovated fire station, this neighborhood brewery has a patio that is perfect for kids to run around.  A welcomed addition to the family neighborhood of Park Hill. 


-Mici:  This Italian eatery is all about family.  Kids are given a ball of dough to keep them occupied while they wait.  Ben, my two-year old, tries to eat the dough, but it worked like a charm for my four-year old daughter, Mae.  The lasagna is no joke and you can’t get out of there without trying a little bit of gelato.  Plus, kids eat free on Monday.

-Park Burger:  Who doesn’t love a good cocktail list when…well, any time really.  It is especially nice to pair with a good burger while watching your kids chow down.  I like Park Burger because it is always fun, relaxed, and delicious.


-Lowry Beer Garden:  This chill spot with communal tables and a spacious outdoor patio fosters a feel of community.  Offering up craft beer, good food, and $1 soft serve cones, this place is a definite must when dining with kids.

If you like to see when and where kids eat free in the Mile High City, click here.

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