Hidden Gem… Cherry Creek Grill’s French Dip

Cherry Creek Grill Famous French Dip Sandwich

By Michele Brown

I realize the Cherry Creek Grill is not very hidden.  It has been in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood for at least 20 years, for as long as we have lived in Denver.  However, the French Dip served at the Cherry Creek Grill is the true hidden gem.

It is appropriately named the “Famous French Dip Au Jus”.  It is piled high with perfectly cooked house roasted medium rare prime rib, and served on toasted French bread.  The Au Jus is perfectly seasoned.  I have been known to drink it like an after dinner cocktail.

The best part about the “Famous French Dip” is that it is not complicated.  It is a simple sandwich that melts in your mouth.  They don’t over think it and they don’t have too.

Bon Apetit did a wonderful right up on the Hillstone Restaurant Group (parent company of Cherry Creek Grill).  They featured the French dip sandwich.  David Chang of Momofuku stated this in the article: “French Dip.  That’s all anyone needs to know.  It haunts me”.  David Chang I whole heartedly agree.  It is truly that good.

I suggest walking into Cherry Creek Grill, take a seat at the bar, order a cocktail and the Famous French Dip, I assure you it won’t disappoint.

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