Hidden Gem…Fooducopia: The Organic & Locally Sourced Eatery in Wash Park

How is it possible that I only now discovered Fooducopia?  I’m unsure if Fooducopia is a hidden gem to you all, but I just ate there for the first time last week.  Why haven’t you guys told me how outstanding this place is?

Who’s Behind Fooducopia:
Tim Lymberopoulos had never worked in a restaurant before opening Fooducopia in 2012.  His day job as an airline pilot gave him the opportunity to travel the country and see the kind of organic and locally sourced food available in other cities.  He had confidence in his vision to open Fooducopia and provide Denverites with the organic, local and quality products people find value in.  It began as an artesian corner market also serving breakfast and lunch.  With Chef Richard Glover in the kitchen, the eatery side gained momentum and is now serving a full menu. 

Fooducopia stands out by keeping virtually every ingredient organic.  Debbie Dalrymple, founder of Farm Yard CSA, runs the “Little Farmers” program where kids are taught about gardening and farming.  They grow food in the planter boxes that reside on the Fooducopia patio. Community is essential to making Fooducopia a success.

What we ate:
As you know from our Instagram feed, I love a good benedict. However, I believe I used the word “genius” when I tasted the Crazy Berry French Toast.  The thick airy bread, berries served up three ways and toasted walnuts were superb. The real indulgence of this dish is the tanginess of Mini Moos goat cheese crumbles sprinkled on top.  Don’t think I let the Wild Mushroom Benedict get by me either.  The eggs were cooked perfectly (because it is imperative to have runny yolk meld with the hollandaise, right?), the meaty and earthy mushrooms were splendid over a bed of organic wilted spinach.  No question we’ll be back to try more menu items.

Fun tip to know:
Each month Fooducopia creates a four course dinner featuring one chosen ingredient throughout the entire meal.  Check out April’s Centerpiece Menu below.

1939 East Kentucky Avenue
Denver, CO 80209

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