In Search of the Best…Ice Cream!

Okay Denver, I’ve got a big ask.  On this beautiful and sunny February day, I feel like ice cream, how about you? Where is your favorite ice cream spot?  

I am partial to Sweet Action Ice Cream on South Broadway.  The eccentric flavor combinations at Sweet Action is one of the reasons Denverites flock.

Sweet Action is an unpretentious ice cream shop in the Baker neighborhood known for its offbeat flavors like Stranahan’s Whiskey Brickle and Toasted Coconut.  They make their ice cream with local dairy and seasonal ingredients. The shop is 100% wind powered and uses compostable packaging.  There is usually a line made up of families, hipsters and couples making the hard decision of which flavor best suits them today.  So, what is your #1?  We’re in search of The Best here, so give me some good suggestions to try!

Our Top 5 Spots:

Little Man Ice Cream, Liks Ice Cream, Sweet Cow, High Point Creamery & Milk Box Creamery  

Where is yours?


2 Replies to “In Search of the Best…Ice Cream!”

  1. Last night, not looking for ice cream, I found a delicious one served for dessert at Surena Persian Restaurant in Greenwood Village /Centennial! It was an ice cream that had saffron mixed in, and crushed pistachios on top! Super delicious! My friend mixed hers with their baklava for an extra decadent treat!

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