Chefs Amy & Dustin Barrett – Tables

Amy & Dustin Barrett, Owners & Chefs of Tables

Amy and Dustin Barrett are the Chefs and couple behind Tables, the eclectic restaurant tucked into the Park Hill neighborhood. With its collection of antique tables, cozy bar and open kitchen, you feel like you have walked into someone’s home.  This is exactly what Amy and Dustin hoped for when they opened their doors.  Not only have they brought their talents to the Park Hill community, they also call the neighborhood their home.  Learn how this couple, Amy from New York City and Dustin from a ranch in Texas, were able to bring their concept and talents together. Continue reading “Chefs Amy & Dustin Barrett – Tables”

Slurp Down a Dozen

By Michele Brown

A year ago my husband and I traveled to France with our dear friends Brian and Rebecca. We stayed in Paris for four days and had the opportunity to do a Wendy Lynn–Paris is My Kitchen Food Tour (more on the tour in a later post). This was the most amazing food tour I have ever been on.  We were granted access into incredible natural wine bars, personally met and spoke to the chefs, vineyard owners and Sommeliers.  However one of the most memorable parts of the tour was meeting the International Oyster Shucking Champion at  L’Avant Comptoir de la Mer.

International Oyster Shucking Champion at L'Avant Comptoir de la Mer.
International Oyster Shucking Champion at L’Avant Comptoir de la Mer

Yes, there is such a thing as “International Oyster Shucking Champion” –and it’s a big deal.  Not only did we get to meet him he brought the oysters into the wine bar that morning, shucked them in front of us and educated us on their location and type.  I had never tasted such fantastically clean and briny oysters in my life.  Our family loves oysters (kids too), so this was an absolute culinary explosion for us.  We learned how to classify the oysters by size and how to correctly eat and slurp them, like the French do.  No Tabasco, cocktail sauce or saltine crackers are allowed.  Just the pure taste of the oyster that had been brought in that morning–incredible. Continue reading “Slurp Down a Dozen”

Tea Time

Guest post written by Max Brown — comic book reading, football playing, tea drinking 14 year old.

House of Commons

Have you ever been asked what you would do if you had a million dollars. Would you buy a house on a beach, or expensive vacation? For me, the answer would be quite different. Continue reading “Tea Time”

Jason and Jeanette Burgett: Wooden Spoon Cafe and Bakery


Jason & Jeanette Burgett are the husband and wife team behind The Wooden Spoon Cafe & Bakery.  Wooden Spoon opened June 2010 in the Highlands neighborhood.  It is small cozy bakery that has some of the best scones in the city.
Not only are their scones delicious, they are also whipping up breakfast sandwiches, homemade soups, and killer lattes.  Walking into Wooden Spoon feels like stepping foot into an intimate New York City neighborhood coffee shop–just what they were after when they opened their doors to the expanding Highland area.  Here’s what Jason and Jeanette had to say about their journey. Continue reading “Jason and Jeanette Burgett: Wooden Spoon Cafe and Bakery”

In Search of the Best…Ice Cream!

Okay Denver, I’ve got a big ask.  On this beautiful and sunny February day, I feel like ice cream, how about you? Where is your favorite ice cream spot?  

I am partial to Sweet Action Ice Cream on South Broadway.  The eccentric flavor combinations at Sweet Action is one of the reasons Denverites flock.

Continue reading “In Search of the Best…Ice Cream!”


An iPhone, MacBook, pen and notebook is all there is to make FoodHigh a reality.  No fancy camera, microphones or lighting. Just a girl with an appetite for food.  

I am Michele.  A couple weeks before the holidays I was laid off of a job that I had done for decades.  I faced a major fork in the road and decided to take it. What you will find at FoodHigh are my experiences (and yours) in this rapidly growing Denver food community.  I aim to discover the talented people behind our food, hidden gems in our city, and what I’m cooking up in my own kitchen.

I do not consider myself a writer (ha) or food guru – FoodHigh is a blog that archives what fuels my appreciation for good food and this city I happily call home.

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