Tea Time

Guest post written by Max Brown — comic book reading, football playing, tea drinking 14 year old.

House of Commons

Have you ever been asked what you would do if you had a million dollars. Would you buy a house on a beach, or expensive vacation? For me, the answer would be quite different. If I had one million dollars I wouldn’t waste this chance on a mansion or a month long vacation to Fiji, my dream is quite different. If I had the chance I would make the world’s largest and most expansive collection of tea. Yes tea.

Why tea you ask? Who would ever spend this astronomically large sum of money on tea? Aren’t you only a teenager? Shouldn’t you spend money on comic books?” Trust me, I love comic books and do actually have quite a large collection myself. But tea is something different for me.
My love of this drink stemmed at an early age. When my grandparents still lived in Central Kansas. It was a common sight to see my nana stirring cream and sugar into her rose infused earl grey or spicy chai blend. I was only about eight at the time, and sitting at the kitchen table watching the birds through their back window pecking at the bird feeder was quite interesting to a city kid.  After a long while I asked my nana if I could have a sip of her concoction. The flavor was immense, and I quickly fell in love with the leaf. My nana never liked the taste of coffee, so whenever we made time to travel out to their house, I always had at least one cup of steaming tea. From there, I continued to expand my collection to the one I have today. I have numerous books, pots, and of course, lots and lots of tea. Tea in a bag, loose leaf tea, you name it. I am a self taught tea enthusiast.
My favorite Denver tea spot is The House of Commons, just a few steps from the Platte River in Lower Downtown. It offers an excellent choice of teas, pastries as well as a full English tea service–complete with finger sandwiches and scones. Jessica the owner was born in London, so it doesn’t get more authentic than that. What is your favorite flavor of tea?Front of House of Commons, DenverHigh TeaHigh Tea at the House of Commons

Written by Max Brown — comic book reading, football playing, tea drinking 14 year old.

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