The Best of — Philly Cheesesteak

Famous Philly Cheese Steak & Beer Garden

By Michele Brown

We live in the Park Hill neighborhood and try to frequent our local restaurants as much as possible.  Frequenting Famous Philly Cheese Steak & Beer Garden is so easy.  I can confidently state that it is the best Philly CheeseSteak in Denver.  The owner Jim Jackman has been in the neighborhood for 11 years and we are so happy he is.  

I realize that there is a decades long battle for the best Philly CheeseSteak in the “city of brotherly love”.  Some say Geno’s others say Pat’s, I’ve tried them both and they are good.  However, if you can’t hop a plane to Philadelphia get yourself over to 2200 Oneida St., your tastebuds won’t be disappointed.

This is not a fancy place with lots of swanky decor, they put everything they have in making a great cheesesteak.  You walk up to the counter, place your order, grab a drink, and anxiously wait for the white paper wrapped sandwich to arrive.

My standard order is an 8” steak and mushroom cheesesteak with extra cheese.  It comes out piping hot, with plenty of steak, mushrooms and gooey with cheese.  It simply melts in your mouth.  The 8” is plenty big, but sometimes I order a 12” so I can have half for lunch the next day–it is equally as good on day two.  They also have perfectly crisp french fries and onion rings.  Our son orders the wings and thinks they are some of the best in the city.  In his opinion the Buffalo sauce has a perfectly tangy flavor and the sauce to wing ratio is superb.

Not only do they have great cheese steaks, they also serve up local craft beers on tap which you can enjoy on their spacious patio.  A few of the beers on tap are: Fiction Beer Company, Station 26 and Telluride Brewing Company.

When you’re packing up the cooler for City Park Jazz, or a day trip to the Denver Science Museum; point your car east and head into the hood for Famous Philly CheeseSteak & Beer Garden.  You’ll be happy you did!

Famous Philly CheeseSteak & Beer Garden

2200 Oneida St

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