The Flourishing Denver Coffee Scene

Last July our family visited Portland, Oregon.  Arguably one of the best coffee towns in America.  Can you guess where we stopped first? 

Stumptown Coffee Roasters takes coffee and coffee roasting seriously.  Let me tell you, they are killing it.  Quality coffee is most important to Founder Duane Sorenson, who personally spends time visiting farms and is willing to pay high prices for coffee he deems worthy.  The bearded baristas crafted a cappuccino I wholly enjoyed.

Like Portland, coffee is no stranger to Denver’s thriving craft beer and culinary scenes.  With the convergence of outstanding roasters and talented baristas, Denver is making its mark on the coffee map. Amidst the ever-expanding list of local roasters, you should not settle for just anywhere.  I am currently sitting at Pablo’s Coffee Shop at 6th & Washington.  Although I like to switch up where to get caffeinated, Pablo’s is my go to spot for not only an enjoyable cappuccino, but for the all around good vibes.

Listed in no particular order are the five most visited coffee shops by FoodHigh.  Where do you go to enjoy a well crafted cup?  What others should we try? 

Huckleberry Roasters
Mark Mann and Kian Goedman founded Huckleberry in 2011. Huckleberry is truly excited about introducing coffee to people on all areas of the coffee spectrum.  Creating flavor complexities is their passion and it  shows up in each cup.  

-Black Eye Coffee 
Enjoy a cup of coffee in a space that is made for Instagram.  Black Eye features coffee from single origin roasters around the world.  Do not even bother resisting the pastry selection; it really is that good.  If you enjoy starting your day at Black Eye Coffee you can end your night at its alter-ego cocktail bar, White Lies.  I call that a win-win.  

-Steam Espresso Bar 
This lovely shop was opened by twin brothers Hani and Zahi Yaafouri in 2013. Steam is an independent shop taking pride on using sustainable brewing techniques and only beans that are ethically sourced from micro-roasters.  Steam’s mission is to create an excellent customer experience while embracing environmental responsibility.  

Opened in 2012, Crema was at the cusp of the burgeoning RiNo neighborhood.  This inviting spot pledges to deliver a well-crafted espresso shot and sources beans from both local and out-of-state roasters.  Also, do not overlook the seriously delicious food menu.  

-Pablo’s Coffee
Pablo’s is one of the first Denver coffee roasters!  In 1995, founder Craig Conner quit his corporate job, followed his passion and opened Pablo’s Coffee. Pablo’s sources green coffee from all around the world and roasts it by hand in small batches.  The exceptional cappuccino is a good reason to walk into Pablo’s, but the friendly neighborhood vibe is reason enough to stay for two.    


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