This Little Piggy

By Michele Brown

This little piggy goes to market; this little piggy comes home… to our belly.

We have purchased two pigs (to eat) from from J Doehring Farms in Brighton, CO.  This pork has been some of the best tasting we have ever eaten.  We love being able to know the farmer and exactly where our food comes from.  Both times we have asked the butcher to prepare the pig head for us to smoke and eat.  That’s right, the head.  You may ask–”How?” and “Why?”.

First the how:  We start by brining the head in a salt water mix with aromatics, onion, and garlic for 48 hours.  This makes the meat so tender and yummy.  Then it gets smoked for 6 hours using cherry wood for a sweet flavor.  It is then basted with maple syrup to make the skin crisp and delicious.

Now the why,  instead ask yourself, why not?  Imagine a golden pig head on a platter with toast points, mustards, cornichons, pickled onions,  and sharp cheddar cheese.  You start pulling at the jowl meat, which is tender and juicy, add a dollop of mustard, pickle and cheese–fantastic. If you want to order one instead of preparing your own; the guys at Rebel are turning out a half roasted pig’s head that’s worth the 40 minute wait.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pig fromJ Doehring Farms email


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